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Personal Nutrition Counseling

Initial Consult:

1 hour 

An initial consult consists of three aspects: 1) a review of health concerns, 2) an assessment of nutritional history, food records and appropriate data and

3) implementing a plan. The plan might include developing a meal pattern, individualized recommendations and practical strategies for change. I work with clients to create a customized plan that will help them feel better, have more energy and achieve their nutritional and health goals.



Follow-Up Visits:

Follow up visits include nutrition assessment, analysis and and monitoring. Additionally, determination of what further changes can be incorporated and what can be accomplished to further optimize one's health are discussed. Follow up visits provide a platform for step-by-step successes so clients can achieve their goals.

Possible topics are: label reading, recipe modification and planning healthy, less time-intensive meals. Clients are seen as often as their preference allows ranging from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits. 


Group Counseling

1 hour 

Small group workshops can be created on a wide variety of topics to suit a particular group or family's needs.  Sessions might pertain to prevention of chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, hypertension, prediabetes, diabetes mellitus and/or weight management. Group sessions can be tailored to specific requests such as planning quick and healthy meals, label reading, eating challenges, supplements and answering questions about current topics in the media.


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